Kyuna Christian Fellowship

Kyuna Christian Fellowship is a not-for profit organization. It is the umbrella organization encompassing the church and Koinonia Education Centre (KEC) being the main project fronting the children’s education ministry was began by the church as a way of reaching out and serving the underprivileged neighbours. The fellowship was begun over 15 years ago.

The Founders of the Fellowship have over 9 years of experience of mission work in Kibera, the biggest slum in Kenya. Their experience in Kibera inspired them to start a new mission in the Kibagare slum, which neighbours the church.

Kibagare is a growing slum with equally destitute conditions with the estimated 15,000 residents being uneducated, unemployed and/or alcoholic, while most of their children are miserably neglected.

The Kyuna Christian Fellowship Trust was specifically set up to handle the financial side of the educational projects of Koinonia Education Centre’s long-term and short-term programmes.

KEC started off on 5th of January 2003. It was initially begun as a two-year kindergarten programme to prepare four to five year olds for pre- primary education. There was noticeable transformation in the children after the two year programme. This caused the parents to request that their children continue to primary school level. As a result, the school now offers kindergarten and pre-primary classes for four to six year olds and primary school with the highest class currently being grade five. As the children have grown and new students have continued to be enrolled every year, the school has expanded to the provision of primary education and is still growing to give higher level of education for the Kibagare children.


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